Saturday, 14 November 2009

Latest Cakes

Not added any Cakes Lately due to being far to Busy But will put a few of our latest on for you all to see.

We have Had a few Modelled cakes Lately The first(top one being for Lisa and Mick at Eaves Hall Hotel, and the Second was ordered by Susan the Sister of the Bride for Clough Manor, Saddle worth.

The Next two cakes where at Fence Gate Inn and the Lovely Lytham Hall for Shelly (Choc Roses at Lytham) and Paula and Mike (Fence Buns).

I have also included a mix or our other cakes Including a Christening Cake, Halloween Cake, 21st Wonky Cake and a Truck Cake along with a Extra Wedding Cake which was for Zoe and Simon at the Higher Trapp Hotel.

Anyway Hope you All like our latest cakes and you can always see more at

Joe and Janine

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Tempest Arms Chutney Festival

We had great time at Tempest during the Chutney Festival making Cup Cake with some Children and some Adults too! Myself and Matthew my little helper for the day had good fun and I think the event went down really well with plenty of good comments all round. It was nice to see young children enjoying themselves making the cupcakes and being proud of their efforts let alone tucking in to them afterwards.

Thanks to Anne and the Team at the tempest for the Invite and look forward to doing it again Next Year !!

Also a Very bib Thank you goes to Robin at Robin Weedon Photography Ltd for letting us use the lovely pictures he took on the day.

If you want more infomation about us and our cakes you can find it on our website at
Joe and Janine

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Just a few Cakes this week

Starting on Friday at Higher Trapp hotel with the wedding of Mark and Samantha.One of our most popular designs cascading Asantia Lillie's, Calla and Red Rose's with green leaves and trailing Ivy. Followed on Satuaday by a funky Hearts Cakes with Buns for Steph and Carl at Fence Gate Inn.

With only one Birthday Cake for a little girl who had a christening cake from us last year it would have been a quiet weeks besides our Wedding Fair, College Open Day and Fun event at Tempest Arms.

Thanks for looking and theres more on our website at

Joe and Janine

Friday, 9 October 2009

Sneak Preview of Wedding Fair at Burnley Football Club 11th October

First up a Rice Paper covered 5 tier Cake highly lustered with Handmade Pink sugar Orchids just a little bit funky I think!!

Next up is a more Traditional Cake with a cushion Style side design with Handmade Asantia Lillie's with plenty of Cystals, Black Feathers and Diamante Chain to give it hopefully a more modern Finish.

Always like to have a simpler cake on display and hopefully this one with Handmade Daisy's on offset square polka dotted cake fit the bill and will appeal to some of our brides.

Another of our popular cake is heart individuals and we will have a sparkles rose version on show with gold highlights.

We also seem to be using a lot of clear stands at the moment and I must say I like them myself and this cake is clean with handmade Lillie's with perplex boards.

Staying with Clear Stands we will have our fountain on display and Mike from Design acrylics wad made us this lovely clear stand to use with the fountain, here we have made a funky hearts cake with matching individuals in boxes for something a little different.

And or course we need some Chocolate Wedding cakes and will have on display our two most popular design the first being a Chocolate Coco-foam Rose Ruffle Cake and the second being a individual Chocolate Cup Wedding Cake both always go down really well.

As Always look forward to your comments and there more cake on our website at
Joe and Janine

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Another Busy Week

3 wedding Cake and 2 Birthday Cake
firstly we made a Simple 2 tier Polka dot and Handmade rose cake for Emily and David at Sparth House Hotel on the 1st.

Quickly Followed by Fridays 2 birthday Cakes the first being a Spider man Cake and the second a photo cake using a sport page and the favorite team for a news story both cakes for work friends.

And finally 2 more wedding cake a Classic Three 3 with hand made Geberas and Lillie's for Paula and Neil at Mitton Farm Hotel

And a Funky Chocolate Ruffle cake with layers of fresh berries at Higher Trapp Hotel for Sharon and Stephen

You can See more at our website
Many thanks Joe and Janine

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Busy Weekend

5 cakes on 1 Day!! Starting with this 5 tier Chocolate Curls Cake with Pink Cocofoam Roses, mixed Chocolate Lillie's and some Pink Butterflies at mytton fold for Claire and Matt

Then we had 2 christening Cakes 1 had 20 building blocks as well as present topper, we really liked the colours - gold and ivory and the Train Christening cake is a fav as we get plenty of orders for similar cakes as you can see from our website.

And it that was not enough we also has a Engagement Cake and an Anniversary Cake with Individuals to make! Very Simple but effective Engagement Cake 2 tier with funky red hearts. The silver individuals very effective with plenty of bling.

So we are having a nice rest today well deserved I think!!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Here is a more Traditional cake with Handmade Sugar Lillie's and Roses with a lift from the silver leaves making it bit more modern.

I think the Hexagonal cake for the base and the pillars work well.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Another Chocolate Cups Wedding Cake. This one was at Gibbon Bridge Hotel which is a lovely setting.
The best thing about these cake is the fact they are ideal to use as your dessert (Hotel Allowing of course).

Anyway you can check out more like this one on our website at

Thanks for Looking

Joe and Janine

Monday, 21 September 2009

We Make a lot of these cakes but not many look like this the lovely Sunflowers supplies by Daisy Chain on Brier Cliffe Road Burnley just Add a little something Different.

And we made it for a ovely couple who had thier wedding at thier home.

You can see a lot more like this on our website.

Thanks for looking and please leave comment we always like to hear what people say about our cakes.

Joe and Janine

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Not put Anything on this Blog for a bit So I thought I would Start being good and start staring some pictures with your all.

This Cake we did for Carolyn and Dave at Hipping hall back in May. Lovely setting and the weather was great.

I like this cake as it's a bit different with pink Orchids on a Rice Paper Cake with Green Leaves.

Anyway let me know what you think.

Monday, 25 May 2009

New Baker at Specialized-Cakes

Still in training but showing real promise, Matthew who is 5 years old really seems to have a talent for making stuff " Thanks to Mister Maker on the T.V " our house is constantly a mess but give him a few more years and he may well be halping Mummy and Daddy to produce Cakes, Flowers and Favours.
Trust us he likes doing it we not being mean.

Anyway have added some stuff to the website so Have a look when you get a chance at

All the Best
Joe and Janine

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Inn at Whitewell wedding of Guy and Melanie

One of our more simple cakes, A clean finished cushion Design with pearlised Sugar Degrees topped with a lovely flower arrangement supplied by Jane at Flower Design .

The wedding was at Inn at whitewell and as you would expect was set up lovely and looked great the staff are always helpful and well organised and Jane had trimmed the table and marque up just great.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

We Cater for all Occasions including Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Anniversary and christmas.

Each Cake is Original and will be made to your own special Requirements.

Let us take the worry, we will help you design your perfect cake before delivering and setting it up at your venue allowing you to concentrate on your celebrations.

We are Based in Burnley but will deliver through-out the Lancashire area.

Please Contact us if you have any Questions

Many Thanks

Joe And Janine