Monday, 25 May 2009

New Baker at Specialized-Cakes

Still in training but showing real promise, Matthew who is 5 years old really seems to have a talent for making stuff " Thanks to Mister Maker on the T.V " our house is constantly a mess but give him a few more years and he may well be halping Mummy and Daddy to produce Cakes, Flowers and Favours.
Trust us he likes doing it we not being mean.

Anyway have added some stuff to the website so Have a look when you get a chance at

All the Best
Joe and Janine


  1. I checked out your web site. Loved it. I would love to learn how you do the tower with the folded flaps. Looks like it is white chocolate and strawberries. We could probably help each other as I do what you do except Australian style. I have some nice chocolate work on my cake blog too. I have 2 kids and the oldest definitely is the helper and can cover a cake and decorate it.

  2. Very easy cake to make just make a tiered chocolate cake with sloping sides and wrap in cocoafoam, very effective but quite easy to produce