Saturday, 2 May 2009

Inn at Whitewell wedding of Guy and Melanie

One of our more simple cakes, A clean finished cushion Design with pearlised Sugar Degrees topped with a lovely flower arrangement supplied by Jane at Flower Design .

The wedding was at Inn at whitewell and as you would expect was set up lovely and looked great the staff are always helpful and well organised and Jane had trimmed the table and marque up just great.


  1. What lovely pictures, your cakes are so lovely and we love to see your work, we've passed your information on to lots of our brides.
    Warmest Wishes

    Jane from Flower Design (Not Flowers by Design, I think that's another shop)

  2. Sorry Jane have changed the title, and many thanks for the nice words and we have had a couple of brides over, think I sent a couple your way too!