Monday, 25 May 2009

New Baker at Specialized-Cakes

Still in training but showing real promise, Matthew who is 5 years old really seems to have a talent for making stuff " Thanks to Mister Maker on the T.V " our house is constantly a mess but give him a few more years and he may well be halping Mummy and Daddy to produce Cakes, Flowers and Favours.
Trust us he likes doing it we not being mean.

Anyway have added some stuff to the website so Have a look when you get a chance at

All the Best
Joe and Janine

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Inn at Whitewell wedding of Guy and Melanie

One of our more simple cakes, A clean finished cushion Design with pearlised Sugar Degrees topped with a lovely flower arrangement supplied by Jane at Flower Design .

The wedding was at Inn at whitewell and as you would expect was set up lovely and looked great the staff are always helpful and well organised and Jane had trimmed the table and marque up just great.