Sunday, 27 September 2009

Busy Weekend

5 cakes on 1 Day!! Starting with this 5 tier Chocolate Curls Cake with Pink Cocofoam Roses, mixed Chocolate Lillie's and some Pink Butterflies at mytton fold for Claire and Matt

Then we had 2 christening Cakes 1 had 20 building blocks as well as present topper, we really liked the colours - gold and ivory and the Train Christening cake is a fav as we get plenty of orders for similar cakes as you can see from our website.

And it that was not enough we also has a Engagement Cake and an Anniversary Cake with Individuals to make! Very Simple but effective Engagement Cake 2 tier with funky red hearts. The silver individuals very effective with plenty of bling.

So we are having a nice rest today well deserved I think!!!


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