Saturday, 14 November 2009

Latest Cakes

Not added any Cakes Lately due to being far to Busy But will put a few of our latest on for you all to see.

We have Had a few Modelled cakes Lately The first(top one being for Lisa and Mick at Eaves Hall Hotel, and the Second was ordered by Susan the Sister of the Bride for Clough Manor, Saddle worth.

The Next two cakes where at Fence Gate Inn and the Lovely Lytham Hall for Shelly (Choc Roses at Lytham) and Paula and Mike (Fence Buns).

I have also included a mix or our other cakes Including a Christening Cake, Halloween Cake, 21st Wonky Cake and a Truck Cake along with a Extra Wedding Cake which was for Zoe and Simon at the Higher Trapp Hotel.

Anyway Hope you All like our latest cakes and you can always see more at

Joe and Janine

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