Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Big Birthday Cake Update

Been a while since I used the Blog, But I am going to be putting on a lot more this year (Honest)


 Castle Cakes – A couple of Castle cakes to Start  first a Disney Castle Cake for our friend Rosie at Inn at Whitewell hope she had a great birthday and with 4 tier of cake sure there was enough cake, Next a more simply design a nice pink girlie castle Cake sure the little princess loved it.


Moshi Monsters ! very popular with the Kids (Ours love them) here are two or our recent ones Luvvi and Poppet









Another Classic next a Toy box cake with the addition of Personalised mini Building Blocks. The Angry Birds Cake has an extra log to make up the portions, another cake my kids liked.

toy-box-and-and-present-cakesAnngry Birds Cake







Finally a couple for the Adults a cheeky Naughty cake for the boys and a classic Chocolate transfer cake that is ideal for the ladies.

Many Thanks for looking

Joe and Janine


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