Saturday, 16 October 2010

Big Update!!

Been so busy the last couple of weeks, Wedding fairs, Inspectors at College and a load of Cakes!! so sorry not had time to do updates!!

Anyway here are just a few of our cakes Firstly wedding cakes 3 four tier cakes, the first decorated with autumn leaves, the second was for a weeding fair and was a use up of leftover sugar flowers!! and the third calla lilies and black feathers with Diamantes.


Next a couple of Anniversary Cakes a diamond one with rose and a two tier silver with rose that were matched to the flowers from the wedding cake.

Diamond-Anniversary-Cake-roses 25th-Anniversary-Cake

And a christening cake for good measure!

Christening-Cake-Train-2As well as a cross section of birthday cakes in all manner of designs

30-Cake-Pink Pooh-Bear-Birthday-CakeWoman-in-Bath-Cake Shaun-the-Sheep-Pig-Cake Newcastle-Shirt Picture-Cake DJ-Decks

Anyway things have cooled down a little now so will hopefully be able to do more updates.

Many Thanks for looking

Joe and Janine


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