Sunday, 16 May 2010

More Wedding Cakes

We continued our run of busy weeks with another 4 wedding cakes and Asantia lilies were popular. The first cake of the week was at the Oaks Hotel in Burnley for Michael and Michelle. Then it was a busy Saturday with three cakes one at Eaves Hall for Dan and Leanne ( Blue Asantia Lillie Cake), One at Dunkenhalgh for Paul and Natalie(Roses and Models) and the final one at Sparth House(4 tier Lillie cake) for Jolene and Michael.

3-Tier-Asantia-lillies-in-blue 4-tier-Asantia-lillies-cake 3-tier-Perslex-layers-and-lillies 3-tier-rosea-and-modeled-characrters

Anyway thanks for looking

Joe and Janine

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  1. This cakes was both beautiful and absolutely delicious! I would recommend Liza to anyone for a Wedding Cakes,Thank you so much for creating a beautiful and delicious cake